Hi! I'm Brittany DeNovellis.

And for most of my life, I've heard comments like "Wow! You have nice handwriting.....especially for someone who is left-handed!" 

I never paid much attention to those comments until 2016, when I discovered I could share my lettering with the world. I started to do my own wedding envelope calligraphy and got hooked (although I wasn't that great when I started)..

Fast forward to now, when I consider my ability to make beautiful script come out of my hand to be a minor superpower. 

Currently, I own way too many pens and art supplies for my own good, and I need to put all of this energy to use somewhere: that's where you come in. 


I consider it an honor to be asked to create, collaborate, and teach. I do everything from watercolors to wedding signs, illustrations, and more. 

I hope this website, my social media, and my services all ultimately convey what I believe to be most true:

-We are all connected

-Underneath everything, there is only love

-Our gifts are meant to be shared

I'd love to chat with you about your needs, or grab a coffee if you're in the Baltimore area. Shoot me an email with your thoughts by clicking the button below!