Pre-Ceremony + Cocktail Hour + Reception

This post has all of the remaining photos from our wedding day that were not included in the previous three blog posts- from when our guests arrived, to cocktail hour, to the start of our reception.

Can we talk about how happy I am that our photographer captured our hilarious wedding programs, which were adapted from this blog post:

Cocktail Hour

And that's all, folks! Since we only had our photographer for a few hours, what's not pictured is the crazy rainstorm that came through right after we finished taking photos (and cooled everything down!), the subsequent rainbow that came out during golden hour, our friends DJing and a really fun dance party, the homemade cake from Helen, the ice cream sandwiches from Cream Cruiser, and then some pretty intense games of flip and slap cup at the end of the night.

All in all, it was so much fun to have our friends and family celebrating with us on 07.16.16, and I'm thankful that you took this little trip down memory lane with me... they're late but at least I got my goal in of publishing these before midnight on our 2nd wedding anniversary with 24 minutes to spare ;)

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