Supply List! for Bullet Journaling

Guys, I love it soooo much when friends and family members say they're inspired to get into lettering or bullet journaling or watercolors, and they come to ask me for advice.

I started keeping a really simple, not-so-pretty bullet journal when I first found out about this style of planning because I liked the simplicity of the concept, and because I've always been slightly obsessed with trying out new productivity systems.

The creator of bullet journaling, Ryder Carroll, bills it as "The analog system for the digital age," on his website, If you don't know much about bullet journals, or "bujos" for short, this is a great place to start.

Only after becoming more active on Instagram did I find out that that there's a pretty intense community of bullet journal enthusiasts that combine art along with their journals, which of course made my scrapbook- and pen-happy heart jump with joy. But because I have a tendency to make things too "precious" (e.g. sometimes I keep journals in pristine condition for fear of somehow not ruining them... which is a silly thing to tell myself), I just made myself *start* learning the system without much attention to how it looked.

But now that I've got some lettering experience behind me, I feel more confident about making and sharing bullet journal layouts to share with other people, and also recommending the products that I've grown to love.

My biggest advice is just to start, anywhere! A lot of what I've done (and what you'll do) is trial and error. All that being said, here's a shortlist of what I've been using lately for bullet journaling (and yep, full disclosure, these are affiliate links because who has two thumbs and really likes the idea of getting passive income from recommendations of products I already use? ...this girl).


I like Rhodia brand notebooks because the paper is super smooth, and there's not too much ghosting (when the pen or marker bleeds through to the other side).

Moleskine notebooks, which I love for my regular journaling, are *not* good for pens and bullet journaling, from my experience.


Muji pens! I love them. I saw my friend Bobby use them and tried them, then I was hooked.

For colorful pens, I originally got the Staedler 10 pack of colors, but I wish I had sprung the extra $10 and got the 36 pack! I got bored of the 10 colors quickly.


I got this 5-pack of Zebra brand Mildliners but when I saw my friend Allison with a three-pack of these highlighters I totally had FONHEC (fear of not having enough colors?!) and wished I got more of them. Sigh. The grey highlighter is so pretty....


It's taken me two years to master brush pens but now that I have, I *love* them and I use what lots of other people use, trusty Tombow dual brush markers:

And look, now you know why I have too many pens and too little money and like to recommend products to my internet friends so I can regain a few cents from your purchase ;)

There you have it! The supplies I'm currently using for bullet journaling.

If you get any of these supplies, let me know your thoughts on them! I'd love your feedback.

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