Custom, 8" handpainted globes make unique decor for your home or your baby's nursery, not to mention stunning centerpieces at weddings and events.


As a lover of travel who recently returned from a round-the-world trip, this is a way I stay connected to the great big world out there, and I hope you'll love them as much as I do!


A medium size globe's dimensions are 12 inches (h) x 9.5 inches (w) x 10.9 inches (d)


  • Calligraphy ink color can be white, gold, or black - you can choose to leave the globe unpainted, with calligraphy only ($75)
  • You can also choose a painted globe (single color) - paint options are blue, white, or black. Calligraphy is included (see color options above) - $85.
  • Finally, you can order a globe with the continents in a different color than the oceans for an additional cost (+$40 for a total of $135), with calligraphy included. Continents can be gold, white, or black. I recommended that you choose the same color calligraphy as your continents, but please reach out if you have questions! 


Shipping for globes is generally $15-$25 depending on where you live.

Turnaround time is 2-3 weeks; rush ordering available for an additional 25% fee.


If you'd like floral illustration or additional painting, please email me at for a custom quote!

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Globe customization options
Ocean color
Continent color
Calligraphy color

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