Novel Letter Studio - The Journey to Here.

December 19, 2017

First blog posts are always so awkward, but I wanted to share how excited I am to launch my website for my side hustle and passion project, Novel Letter Studio.


I'm Brittany: a Southern California transplant now living in Baltimore, Maryland. I work for a community college program supporting refugee youth as my day job; and during early mornings/nights I'm a modern calligrapher and owner of more than pens than one should really disclose in a public forum.


I chose the name Novel Letter Studio after many brainstorming sessions and ambushing friends and family with polls about what they thought. I settled on this name after realizing novel was firmly planted in my last name (DeNovellis) and reflecting on how it encapsulated what I was doing: taking the age old tradition of writing and illuminating letters and finding a new way to share it. It also called out to me because of my love of novels and books: as my father will tell you, I started to read simple words at age 3, was notorious about checking out maximum amount of books out of the library as a child (20!), and would happily sit at anywhere reading quietly if given the chance. And finally, the obvious association with novel: the work I produce is new and original.


I also wanted my logo to be meaningful and thoughtful, and I'm incredibly indebted to local Baltimore artist Bobby Coleman (@bobbycolemanart /@beardcitybaltimore) for walking me through the process, and for his equally amazing wife Allison Coleman for her sound advice and logo digitization.  They helped me visually convey, in shorthand, the aim behind my business (that paper airplane = that this hustle is designed to help fund my belated year-long round-the-world honeymoon), my belief that we all as humans are connected, and that the logo itself is a bit asymmetrical and not 100% balanced because I am working hard on being able to celebrate imperfection as a recovering perfectionist.


p.s. I want to sincerely thank my dear friends and family for getting me this far! It wouldn't be possible without the encouragement of my fellow masterminds (Jennum O'Hara, Allison Coleman, Sydney Van Horn, Liliane Makole), my very first customers (mostly hailing from my husband Blake's family), and everyone who believed in my talents before I did.


p.p.s. I also want to gratefully acknowledge the hard work of Becca Courtice, The Happy Ever Crafter (@thehappyevercrafter) - her calligraphy workbooks, business advice, and Facebook groups have been so helpful to me and so many other novice calligraphers. We've never met but she deserves a huge shout-out as someone whose work I've benefitted from immensely.

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